• Nafplio, Syntagma square
  • Bourtzi Fortress
  • Tolo
  • Palamidi Castle
  • Palamidi Castle


Nafplio, Greece’s first capital from 1828-1833, is one of Greece’s most beloved and prettiest towns, with narrow streets
lined by elegant Venetian houses, gracious neo-classical mansions, and beautiful scenery in every corner.
A town with a deep history, Nafplio is a remarkable reminder that this part of Greece was, for centuries, an outpost of Venice. The most dominant part of the city is the Fortress of Palamidi, one of the best examples of Venetian military architecture in Greece built by the Venetians in 1687 when they captured it from the Ottomans and occupied it, and the last major construction of the Venetian empire overseas. In 1715, during the last Venetian–Turkish war, the Ottomans re-conquered it
and it was later passed on to Greek control after a battle with the Turks in 1822. Climb 999 steps above Nafplio
and you are rewarded with the captivating view – or take a taxi straight to the top!
The heart of Nafplio is Syntagma square, a timeless mix of architecture revealing the many layers of local history, with its buildings framing the square beautifully, and its sunlit marble floor. On the square’s western side is the Archaeological Museum (a must), built in 1713, still bearing the symbol of Venice – the winged lion of Saint Mark. At the opposite end is
the Trianon, one of the original mosques built during the first Ottoman period and one of Nafplio's oldest buildings.
On the southwestern side is the Parliament building, once a mosque built in 1730 but later housing the first Greek
People's Assembly, which met here from 1824 until 1825.
The harbourfront promenade presents the opportunity to linger in one of the many bars and cafes that invite a traveller to
stop and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful part of Greece. Opposite the coastal road in the sea lies Bourtzi Castle,
an important landmark of the city, which was built in 1473, and sits under the imposing shadow of Palamidi.
Continuing along from the seaside pedestrian zone is Acronafplia, a paved path on a rocky peninsula – walking along it on
a sunny day, with its spectacular views and watching Greek women strolling arm in arm, is as pleasurable as a saunter
through the cobblestone paths of Nafplio’s delightful old town.

Witness something glorious: visit Nafplio.

Local tastes:
The main occupation of the locals is the cultivation of land, the production of olive oil and citrus fruit, and fishing.
The production of citrus and olive oil is excellent in quality and taste,
as it is throughout the Peloponnese.

Suggested Cafes-Restaurants:

3Sixty grill dining

The menu is grill-oriented and focuses on premium meats from renowned world class farms. It includes natural grain-fed options of Australian Wagyu and Black Angus beef in popular cuts like Tomahawk and Rib-eye as well as grass-fed beef
in classic prime cuts like
Filet and Côte de boeuf.

Exactly below the Xenon Inn,
you will find the new renovated Xenon Café for drinks, coffee or food, with a warm atmosphere and a retro touch.
Xenon Inn offers a luxurious stay and high quality service. It is considered one of the best rental apartments in Nafplio.

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How to get to Nafplio from Athens international airport, El. Venizelos:

1) With the bus X93 (price €5,5 a person) to bus station K.T.E.L. KIFISOS, for more information click here,
then take the intercity bus to Nafplio (price €13,10 a person) for more information click here. 


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