3 places you must visit in Athens after the Acropolis

Athens is the capital of Greece and its landmark is the Acropolis. The first thing someone has to visit is the Acropolis hill and the Parthenon standing there in the center of Athens for more than 2500 years.


But apart from that, here are some other places you mustvisit during your stay in Athens:

1. Panathinaic Stadium

The Ancient Greeks founded the Olympic Games. This ancient stadium is the only stadium of the world to be built entirely from white Athenian marble of the best quality. Seating for 50.000 spectators was built for the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. It was also used at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and it is the finish line for all marathon events that take place in the city. Located just opposite the National Garden it is the perfect place to take a glimpse to Acropolis, Lycabettus hill and enjoy the surroundings. Acropolis Stay is situated just 15 minute walk from the Stadium.

2. Plaka

The neighborhood of Plaka is lying at the foot of Acropolis hill. Beautiful little houses, narrow streets full of flowers and colors are the perfect place for someone to be in Athens. Plaka is built on the original area of ancient Athens so many archaeological sites can be found around the district. Plaka is also home for many shops and restaurants that offer great variety of local food. If you are staying in the center of Athens it is the perfect place to enjoy also the nightlife of Athens.

3. Ancient Agora of Athens

Ancient Agora of Athens is the ancient market of Athens. It was a central public square where all important commercial, social, political activities took place .It is very well preserved so a visit is worth it. There you can find ruins from more than 30 buildings and also the Temple of Hephaestus one of the most completed temples in the whole Greece. A visit also to Stoa of Attalos and the museum located there will connect you to the Athenian ancient democracy. Do not forget to make also a big walk all the way up through Adrianou Street from Monastiraki square to the Acropolis Museum through Plaka neighborhood. It is the walk that you will take back with you home for ever.

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