Most Amazing and Exhilarating Activities in Athens to Enjoy During Your Tour


Greece is the perfect vacation spots for those who love to revel in the enigma of history enjoy the cultural vibrancy. This European country has become the hot-spot for tourists from all over the world, all thanks to the rich history and natural beauties. Here, you can explore and unearth several untold tales from the early periods including the Stone Age, the Minoan Civilization, and even the Ottoman Empire.

Apart from this, the country provides numerous opportunities for going on adventurous tours which include skiing, rock climbing, scuba diving, and so on. The best part about the European country is that it is not only a place for summer vacations but also the wonderland for winter lovers.

If you are planning to visit the country the coming season, a proper plan for the activities in Athens, Greece to do will be of great help. And that’s why here we will give you a brief list of the most amazing things you can do in Greece and make the vacation more memorable.

Historic exploration in Greece

Greece is a land of history and hence, nothing would be as memorable and thrilling as exploring the country’s past. Be it walking down the stepped seats of the Epidaurus Theater or exploring the ruins of Delphi, numerous such attractions are there that you shouldn’t miss. Visit the Acropolis in Athens which once used to be the residence of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Enjoy the 450 BC carvings at the Hephaestus Temple which was dedicated for the God of Fire, Hephaestus. Capture the beauty of the palatial ruins of Malaia in your camera while unearthing the beauty of the red stone ruins.

Mount Olympus Trekking And Hikes

One of the major activities in Greece that you can’t afford to miss is going on a hike trail on Mount Olympus. If you are a fan of Greek mythology, this mountain is definitely going to attract you. There are several trekking routes, most of which start from Litochoro. The entire mountain is covered with dense green foliage that enhances the beauty of the land further. With the dangers of trekking lingering in the air and the desire to discover the myths about Mount Olympus, you are going to have an experience of lifetime in Greece.

Zulu bungy jumps in Corinth Canal


If you want some adventure during the daytime and in open-air space, nothing would be as challenging as the zulu bungy jumps in the Corinth Canal. Marvel at the clear and bluish water of this canal which was built in the 19th century. The majestic beauty and ethereal charisma of the Corinth Canal is mainly due to the rugged highlands adorning the borders of the water stretch. And it is from these highlands you will have to bungy jump, throwing your heart into an overdrive as the height is pretty impressive.           


Exploring the Melissani Cave

A little far from the main urban settlement in Karavomilo is present the Melissani Cave. Its known for the enigmatic beauty of this colossal cave which opens towards the top to allow the sunlight illuminate only a certain portion of the insides. Unlike normal caves, the Melissani has an underground water body where boating and swimming are the most popular activities in Greece.


Greece is a land of mysteries and untold stories. No matter how much you discover in the country, every time something new will pop up, making your experience more thrilling and unforgettable. Starting from skiing to a historic adventure, several activities are there which you must undergo if you truly want to enjoy the beauty of Greece.